What is Walkout

Get ready to experience the fun!

Walk-Out is a unique concept where you get a great opportunity to experience Zevenseas culture and interact with the best SharePoint and Cloud consultants of India. At Walk-out you would be challenged with best of your technical skills and ultimate passion for Microsoft technologies. Come and experience this event to see how your passion converts in a rewarding career.

Date: Saturday, 1st February 2014

Job Location: Pune, India


Codezeven Software Pvt. Ltd., Office No.602, 6th Floor, S.R.IRIZ, Baner-Pashan Link Road, Pune-411021.

Open Positions

Please send your entries to walkout@zevenseas.com

Azure/ASP.NET MVC Consultant

Sharepoint Consultant

Walkout Winners

Opportunist Who Won Walkout

Anshul Bhamore

Anshul says: I walked out of my prison space to be a free bird flying across zevenseas! The best hiring experience I have ever heard, read or felt!
Zevenseas is all about being techie, it’s all what we have ever done!!
Come and witness the innovative hiring!!
Anuja Bhojani

Anuja says: 2 years ago I got a call for Walk-out, I was expecting technical and typical interview questions asked by some rude interviewer.
But when I stepped in Zevenseas, I was completely amazed with the culture and I was greeted with smiling faces. There were no typical interview questions.
I had a very good discussion, presentation and much more. I feel very lucky today that I didn't miss the chance to come to Walk-out!
Pooja Gaonkar

Pooja says: Being a fresher my job search got me to the Zevenseas website and eventually to its Walkout page. Though it was to be conducted for experienced people, I got an invite to attend it.
To my surprise , the selection procedure was poles apart from the conventional interviews and had very interesting discussions. The culture at Zevenseas is very unique and fun.
Today, I feel more than happy to be a part of the Zevenseas family and lucky to start off my career here getting to learn something new every day .
Varun Rathore

Varun says: All my training in college and my experience working at my last employer could not have prepared me for what was in store for me at Zevenseas.
The selection process was completely new and innovative. It wasn’t the typical run of the mill technical and HR interviews.
The discussions that took place were awesome and there was a lot of knowledge sharing involved which made the whole process a lot more fun.
If you have the passion in you to code, program and develop awesome code, then Zevenseas is the place for you!

Ultimate Prize

Winners get a Chance to be a part of the best team in India!

Work with great customers, on great projects, within a great team, in a great environment, to solve their problems by getting the best out of SharePoint/ Azure.

Zevenseas offers an environment where you’ll be challenged every day, where you have the opportunity to work on cool projects, on the latest technologies, and most importantly, where you will learn and grow with people you enjoy working with. We are all as enthusiastic as you are, and in it for the experience.

If you think you are the best in India, then our team, already the best in India, is the only place capable of making you even better. Take a look: www.zevenseas.com

Zevenseas Team
Zevenseas Team