Our services are designed to work best for consulting companies, or independent software vendors, that are focused on the SharePoint platform. We are the experts that experts can turn to, which means we can concentrate on what we do best, the technology.

The first service we offer is called our Team Engagement, this is a long-term partnership, where we integrate tightly with your existing SharePoint team. It’s a great way to scale and get more done, to create a more competitive blended cost base, to bring on board additional skills or to put complimentary time zones to work. Working with us will give you a competitive edge.

The second service offered is out Solution Engagement, which is where we can help you quickly ramp up, and then wind down, based on demand. We can provide the rapid flexibility that will take the stress out of resource planning, and means you can say Yes more confidently, and more often. We are the safe pair of hands that you know will get the job done, and leave you looking good.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development

We offer SharePoint development and we build software solutions that fit perfectly on the SharePoint platform. We know every little SharePoint feature, we understand the limitations, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. We try and get inside the heads of the people who designed SharePoint, and we try and build things exactly the way they would have were it to become a standard SharePoint feature. We never force it to do something it wasn’t designed to, and we consider performance a critical feature. We are prepared to say No (actually, we say No, but we could ) and we are prepared to apply the 80/20 rule to everything we do. We are about putting the rapid back into SharePoint development.

Solution Architecture

We've been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s largest deployments of SharePoint, and build some of its most complex solutions. Designing SharePoint solutions that work at scale takes experience; solutions have to work as well on day 100 as they did on day 1. We bring to engagements a number of proven Reference Designs that help our projects fall into a pit of success , putting SharePoint together in the right way, to create the right solution.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure and Migration

Everyone is moving to the cloud, we can help you get your customers there faster. We’ve been with Office365 every step of the way, and know how to tackled the trickiest of cloud challenges, whether that’s security, governance, compliance, administration or support. We can help you work around the clock to keep customers running 24x7, we can create or backup your support desk, or we can put our very own cloud administrative toolset, Leap ( to work for you.

Consulting and Business Analysis

Understanding that no two businesses are the same, we make it our business to know our client’s business. We then tailor a SharePoint solution that delivers business value. We do this by working with SharePoint, and not against it. This ensures the client’s requirements are met by playing to the strengths of the SharePoint platform.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

Today, people expect SharePoint solution to look great. They need to work on any device, they need to be simple and intuitive, and, again, they need to look great. SharePoint solutions should not have any seams, users should glide between standard SharePoint functionality and the solutions we build, we succeed we nobody can tell where SharePoint stops, and our solution begins.

Testing and Labs

Having testers on your team that understand SharePoint makes a huge difference. Our test teams, when not finding bugs in SharePoint itself, know what to look for and where to look for it. They focus on the thin layer of custom development we put on top, ensuring your development teams spend more time coding and less time training. Our test teams can also take charge of the builds and test labs, ensuring everything is ready to go, every day.