About Us

We are a global technology and business consulting firm providing unique SharePoint solutions that help companies connect people, process and information. We deliver lasting solutions that transform your business.

Our core philosophy is about moving consulting beyond the individual, toward engagement by an expert team. Each of us wants to contribute, in the best way we can, to the projects we collaborate on, with every one of you.

Why we are different

We are technical experts because SharePoint is all we do. Our SharePoint+ strategy means we offer a breadth of SharePoint focused services ranging from creative and design, to mobile devices and cloud development.

We hire right, our consultants love SharePoint, they love technology, they love the culture they have built and they love the projects they work on. They are exactly where they want to be in their careers.

We love our people. We pay above average salaries, we provide many smart benefits, flexible working is encouraged, and we care about their welfare and development. We take retention very seriously, and have implemented the ZevenPeople model that ensures everyone is treated fairly.

Our Approach

Team Engagement

The Team Engagement model is best suited to a long term engagement, with both organizations making a strong commitment to the partnership. In this engagement, a consultant from Zevenseas is integrated within the customer’s project team. We are committed to achieving the goals and objectives of that team, and contribute by bringing the skillset required to complement existing team members.

Solution Engagement

Whereby Zevenseas is engaged by the customer in order to deliver a specific solution or compliment and existing team for a short time.

Our Team - Directors

  • Harold Punter - CEO
  • Daniel McPherson - CTO - Lead Architect
  • Suyog Patki - Co-Founder and Senior Consultant
  • Andrew Fix - Solution Architect & Usability
  • Wilco Turnhout - Marketing & Sales

Our Team – Consultants

Suyog Patki
Avani Patki
Faiyaz Kazi
Mukund Datar
Purvin Desai
Kunal Ingale
Akhilesh Nirapure
Dev Chaudhari
Sohel Dhalait
Abhijit Raut
Amol Chavan
Zahir Attar
Sarang Kulkarni
Anurag Mala
Dipesh Bhanani
Anurag Gawande
Anuja Bhojani
Tinu Thomas
Pratik Mandore
Shrikant Datke
Thabor Walbeek
Kunal Kapoor
Chinmay Vartak
Ravi Kiran
Rahul Patil
Kasturi Joshi
Sayali Shitole
Nitesh Patare
Vilakshan Dubey
Garima Agrawal
Sham Waghmare
Swati Sumi
Vishal Kungwani
Varun Rathore
Pooja Gaonkar
Aditi Kulkarni
Mukunda Umbargikar
Amit Phule
Pushkar Saraf
Disha Tripathi
Disha Tripathi
Namit Gupta
Mohit Joshi
Anindita Basak
Shweta Yadkikar