The right sort of different

There are a lot of things we do differently at Zevenseas India. It’s not just small things either, its big important things. It’s what we like to call the right sort of different , an approach that means we are not afraid to throw out conventional wisdom when it’s just not working, we’re not afraid of taking a new look, from a different angle, and taking a chance on a new idea, a new way of doing things.

Zevenseas is not about outsourcing, and it’s not about offshoring. Zevenseas is about getting you, and your team better results, enabling you to do more for your customers, and it’s about your team getting more enjoyment out of what they do. This is what quality is made of, people enjoying what they do, and taking pride in it.

We love what we do

Each and every person at Zevenseas is there because it’s exactly where they want to be. We are not writing software by accident, we didn’t just find an advert and apply for a job; we really want to be here, because we want to be the best at SharePoint. You can only get there by working with the best, with specialists.

Self Organising

We’re self-organising

There’s no boss at Zevenseas, no one is responsible for telling others what to do. Every one of us knows what needs to be done next. We are professionals who make commitments and then hold ourselves responsible for meeting them. We know how to get things done, it’s a healthy mix of pragmatism and creativity.

We’re specialists

SharePoint is all we do; it’s all we have ever done. If we aren’t great at SharePoint then we’re out of business. You can’t be experts in 17 different technologies, or focus on 13 different development platforms. We go deep and broad in just one, SharePoint, offering the full range of disciplines, from design, development to test, all tuned to the one platform. This is what makes our team strong; we gain experience, on top of experience. We want to work with consulting companies that value their projects enough to search out the experts.

We work with SharePoint, not against it


We love to code, we do it a lot, but when it comes to code, less is best. We try to place ourselves in your position, starting from an understanding of why people purchase the SharePoint platform in the first place. We want to protect that investment with smart, targeted solutions that make SharePoint better in every sense. We prefer mock-ups to documents, whiteboards to specifications, and discussions to email.

We are very happy, very small

Finding new employees might be relatively easy in India, but bringing on board a new teammate is very, very difficult. We have a simple rule, each new member of our team needs to make our group, as a whole, better. Oh, and they have to have a sense of humour.

Agile Methodologies

Agile methodologies work best

Not in all cases, but for SharePoint, and for teams collaborating together while geographically dispersed, Agile works best. Regular meetings, continuously improving estimations, team based commitment, capacity management, transparency and critical review keeps everyone in sync, including you. We are not a throw it over the fence and let’s see what comes back type of company.

It’s not all work

While we love to deliver great projects, and choose to spend the vast majority of our week doing it, balance outside of work keeps us performing. This doesn’t mean computers are banned on the weekends, it just means that weekends aren’t banned, and evenings for that matter.

Stick Together

We stick together

As a team, we spend every waking hour thinking about how we can make the time we spend at work better. No idea is too crazy if it means it helps to keep our team together. There are some great reasons people leave, we make sure there are no bad reasons.